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Information regarding curing head lice, scabies and other ecto-parasites with safe, natural and non-toxic shampoo, Lice R Gone®, while avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals found in other brands of lice treatment.

Safe Solutions Patented Formula for Lice R Gone® non-toxic shampoo works on lice & scabies because of a special enzyme known as protease. Protease enzyme is produced naturally by arthropods as a means to open their exoskeletons during the molting process. Protease enzyme is also used by predators such as spiders and scorpions to digest their insect prey. Further discussion of the patent ...

How To Cure Lice & Scabies - written by pest control expert Stephen Tvedten.

Recently there has been an epidemic of strange new ecto-parasites infesting human skin. Lice are now not only just found in the hair but in other regions of the body also. There is even a microscopic parasite that resembles thread-like organisms that are known as Morgellons disease. Many people such as HIV victims become inflicted with scabies, which infest the skin in scabs.

Morgellons - Article about a mysterious ectoparasite that attacks the skin - Website devoted to curing the Morgellons epidemic

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National Association of School Nurses (NASN) 38th Conference, NYC, 2006

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USFDA Medical Device:  #3003723243

The Archives of Opthalmology corrected their inital statements regarding Safe Solutions Lice R Gone Ocular Sensitivity. The product Not Nice To Lice produced by Ginesis Products which had caused irritation of the eyes due to an acidic pH level was mistakenly confused with Safe Solutions' product, which is pH balanced and neutral. The ocular sensitivity of Lice R Gone is comparable to that of a mild baby shampoo.

Safe Solutions will continue to conduct research and provide data for Lice R Gone®.

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