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Read letters of gratitude sent in by Families and Schools thanking us for providing such a superior product for eliminating head lice & removing nits from children that doesn't contain dangerous synthetic poisons.

We have also received success stories from people who claim they cured mutant lice infestations that have moved into their skin and other parts of the body with our product. Lice R Gone® is not registered as a scabicide.

Send us your comments on how Lice R Gone® has worked for you. Thanks!

   Letters from Parents & Families:


I have been extremely pleased to have found a product that is nontoxic. My children have had lice and Nix and Rid don't kill everything and they are VERY toxic. I use Lice R Gone frequently as a preventative, along with combing and visually checking. I am confident that using the shampoo and combing are two great ways to keep much of the infestation from largely reoccurring without subjecting her to highly toxic treatments. The use of olive oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil also seem to help.

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Thanks Lice R Gone !

I am a 30 yr old female of African descent and wear my hair in its natural state.  Until my biracial son began attending nursery school and continuously taking public transportation, I have never been through a living nightmare!   Firstly, because of my textured tresses it may have been months before I finally realized I had lice.  I pride myself on good hygiene and maintaining my hair well oiled & moisturized but if you don't know what lice & nits look like then its difficult to decipher if you have them.  When I finally did realize my problem I tried everything... tea tree oil & shampoo, blow-drying/overhead dryers, more Vaseline, olive oil, concoctions of essential oils in a carrier oil, vinegar,Follicel, baby oil.  I became so severely infested that I had to have prescribed medication applied to decrease the swelling, pain, and supposedly kill these critters.  Eventually, I made the drastic move that no female wants to make and shaved my head.  Unfortunately, the problem still wasn't resolved and I finally searched the net for anything to help relieve my annoying symptoms.  I finally came across Lice R Gone and the ingredients looked safe enough to use on a sensitive scalp while being powerful enough to kill lice & nits.  I am proud to say that I am now bug free!  I did have to use the product at least 3-4 times (due to my SEVERE infestation) and left the shampoo on for a minimum of 20 min., due to my textured hair.   But that little extra work was so worth it.  I highly recommend your product because if it can work on my hair texture & infestation level then it will definitely work on anyone else's.  (It only takes 10 min. on my son's fine Caucasian type hair).   Oh, the shampoo has also made my hair softer and slightly texturized my curls.  I want to say thank you for developing such a high quality product that actually works!


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I recently purchased your product. We have had an ongoing problem with head lice, originating from the school here. I was at my wits end. I have got to say that your product worked just beautifully and without the worry of pesticides. My daughter has a thick head of hair and sensitive skin. We tried Rid and after I had rinsed it out, she cried that her head was burning. It was just awful, and in a few days the problem was back just as bad as before! I am very grateful for your product.

Thank you again,
K. M. , Oklahoma

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Your product gave us the first relief we have had in four months! We are very pleased with it, and so glad that we are not using pesticides yet again, to no avail. Thanks, again! Happy holidays to all of you. I know ours are already happier with the lice long gone!

Judy S. , Ohio

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I found your product for my son who is a special needs child with health issues who can't use regular lice shampoo's per doctor's orders. So when he got lice the first time I had to do the old fashioned way of olive oil, changing linens etc.  He missed 2 weeks of school and I spent LOTS of money trying to get rid of it, and all we were doing is passing it back and forth between him and I. Then I found your product and believe it or not he was back in school in 2-3 DAYS! And it was totally gone from our house and it was SAFE FOR HIM to use.

I really wanted to rewrite a letter to you because I know there are other parents out there with medically fragile children like mine and if they know that this product is safe and can be used for their children it will make their lives so much easier!

Thanks, Cindy Solberg

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This is the second time I am ordering your Lice R Gone® product and I was very happy with how the product worked for my family. I tried the usual over the counter lice shampoo which took repeated use - and I was so afraid that I was poisoning my child that I looked for other alternatives as that shampoo was not working. Lice R Gone® worked!!

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I just wanted to say that your product is wonderful.  My daughter missed 4 weeks of school due to our school district's "no nit" policy.  She would go in to the nurse, get checked, and get sent home for 4 or 5 nits in her hair.  It was difficult to get every one out, but two days after using your product she is back in school.  As you can surely see, the time lost in school for her was excessive - I wish I had found your product sooner!  Thanks.

P.S. - It smells a lot better than those other products, too! :-)

Maria D., Connecticut

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Your product is wonderful!!! My daughter fought lice for almost a year! And since we have been using Lice R Gone® she has been lice free for going on 2 years. Thank You so much! God Bless You!

B.R., Indiana

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This is the best product for lice I have ever used!!!!!

M. Sharp, Tennessee

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I just wanted to say thank you for giving my sanity back. Lice R Gone® does everything you promised. It will always be in my medicine cabinet.

Suzanne D., Pennsylvania

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Your product is awesome and worth the money. I am glad I found it on the web. Thank you again for getting rid of the lice. From a grateful mother of two children.

T.V., Buffalo, NY

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I would like to tell everyone how good your product is, We used everything that was sold over the counter and even used the prescription Quell with no results. I told my wife that we would not even think of using Quell again because of the chemicals in the product. I ordered your product and have had great results with it. Our school nurse knows the problem we were having with the other brands and after we told her how good your product was she is going to tell anyone that has head lice about it. The only problem there is no one in out area that sells it. I am planning on going on a campaign to have the pharmacy in our area carry your product. I will be your best salesman. The nurse is also going to pass the word to the other school in the district. There are a total of 10 schools in the area. If you need any other help in selling your product i will be glad to help!

Alan M., New Caney, TX

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Love this stuff! It really works! Purchasing a second bottle now, just to have on hand! THANK YOU :)

K.F., Akron, OH

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My daughter had lice for only 2 weeks we tried Nix and R & C, also mineral oil and vinegar with a shower cap on her head for an hour. We worked very hard as her hair is very thick and to her waist. I thought I got all of the live ones and had a few eggs left but she continued to scratch, so after looking on the internet I found you and thought "what have I got to lose"? I ordered Lice R Gone®, it took only 4 days to arrive to Canada. I washed her hair that night and she has not touched her head since. Thank-you for an incredible product! I hope Canada catches up to you soon.

Thank-you again,
L.C. , London Ontario, Canada

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I found and purchased your product after an 18 month battle with lice. I have 5 children and my oldest daughter came home with lice. My younger daughter then under 2 contracted it. They both have very thick long hair. This wasn't our first battle but the first one was easily remedied. This one was a NIGHTMARE! We used over the counter methods. Every one available over a period of 18 months. We used all the home methods Mayo, olive oil, Vaseline, vinegar, coca cola etc. We called the doctor and tried lindane on the oldest. We bought every gimmick available from neon gels to electric lice combs. We gave them prescription oral meds. We picked nits ''til we thought we were going to die. Hours and hours, days and days. Nit picking became a nightly ritual for around 6 months. We washed everything in the house and exterminated. STILL the two of them had lice and one of the boys had picked it up and so did I! We had almost resigned ourselves to living with bugs in our heads when my desperate search came across your product. We had already spent well over 500 dollars on conventional treatments so I figured: "$19.99? What have I got to lose? It's worth a try." By the time we found your product my oldest daughter was re-infested. When she pulled her hair into a pony tail the nits were VERY visible but we were just too exhausted to play the game any more. One wash from your shampoo, ONE wash and 7 days later they had a lice check at the school. The nurse called me to say that they had an outbreak in the class and she "thought" she "might" have seen a nit on my daughters head! We had a celebration! 7 days before one could have spotted them from across the room and with a head check she "thought" she "might"! Wow! The whole family is now lice free!!! I praised your product to the school nurse and even called my pediatricians office to tell them about it. The pediatricians office used to call ME when they had someone call with an outbreak because they thought I had finally found the solution but this was before Lice R Gone®. Now I have it! Get ready because I bet the orders are going to start pouring in. I will praise your product forever to everyone I see and we will never be without a bottle in our home! Please keep making it. If you need any salespersons or distributors let me know! :)

Stacy, Texas

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We are LICE FREE as a result of using Lice R Gone®. In the fall of 2002 our family of six encountered a battle with lice. We washed our clothes and bedding in hot water, sprayed our furniture and van with store-brand lice spray, sealed our bedding in garbage bags for over two weeks, and tried two of the chemical lice shampoos found in retail stores. However, after all this we still found LIVE lice in our hair! Several of us experienced burning of the skin and headaches as side effects of the shampoos. Anita spent numerous hours nit picking our hair without success of being lice free. RELIEF came to our family after shampooing with Lice R Gone® the first time!

Thanks so much for all of your help!
Anita, Ohio
A & M Enterprises

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I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU!!! Since August of this year we were having a hard time getting rid of head lice in our family. Over the last few months we tried different kind of products such as Nix and R & C. Just when we thought we had it under control it all surfaced again, and again. Last week I did not know what to do anymore. After reading how dangerous all those chemicals are it is scary to think we actually used them on our child. After surfing the Web I came across your site and read about your shampoo. I'll be honest, I was skeptical. However, I placed my order and was anxious to give it try. Well I am thrilled to report your product WORKS! My only regret is that it's not available in pharmacies in Canada. But believe me, I will do my best to spread the word around so others can find Peace of Mind as we have.

Again thank you!
E.M. , Hull Qc, Canada

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   Letters from Nurses & Teachers:


I really appreciate the shampoo.  Our PTO fully endorses this product.  I am continually telling other schools about it.


Paulette Thompson
Principal, San Luis Rey

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To whom it may concern,
I work for Shasta Head Start, in Redding, California. I have full custody of my niece and nephew, my niece (who is 3) was sent home from her Head Start pre-school twice with head lice. The first time we used Nix, that didn't work. The second time, I was at my wits end and someone from work gave me a sample of your product. This person has since left my company, but the product worked so FANTASTICALLY well that I went on-line to see if I could find it in Redding. Can you tell me if at any time soon you will be carrying this product in Redding, California? Just in case she gets it again.

I also want to add that I have 2 grown girls of my own that ended up with it throughout the years and every time I treated them, when I pulled the live bugs out, they were still ALIVE. When I used your product, the first time, all the adult bugs, were DEAD, I couldn't believe it, this stuff is truly a blessing and time saver.

Thank You,
Patsy Bridges
Shasta Head Start

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Hi! I have given a sample to a parent that was fighting the battle of lice with her daughter. Your product works great!

Tracy Hammer, RN, BSN, School Nurse
Benton Carroll Salem School District

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One chronic child has not missed a day of school since using Lice R Gone®. It is the only product I am recommending to the parents.

Linda Anderson, School Nurse
Vigo Elementary School
Vincennes IN 47591

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Lice count is way down here since our families have started using Lice R Gone®. Our parents are delighted and our school principal is very happy. I highly recommend Lice R Gone® to families and other school nurses.

Peg Landry, School Nurse
Saccarappa School
Westbrook ME

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My name is Teri Jordan, I am a registered school nurse for the Taft City School District. I am unable to attend the California State School Nurses conference this year in Sacramento, and I know you will attend with some samples of your product, could you please send me a sample for our school district? I was very impressed with your product last year and have recommended it to several moms, who have had good results.

Teri Jordan, RN

   Letters about "Mutant Lice" & Scabies:


I ordered large quantities from you last year while I was in China. Hundreds and hundreds of people in China found relief from scabies thru using Lice R Gone® diluted 1 to 4 with water and sprayed on last year. The nurses strongly preferred the mint scent of Lice R Gone® to the lethal fumes of the Lindane lotion from Hong Kong we had been using the year before. I am returning to China in August and would like to take more Lice R Gone® with me.  Thank you for providing a safe option to the poisonous Lindane cream which is the only medication available for the people of mainland China.

Sincerely, Ellen Rae

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I just wanted to send an e-mail and say thanks for the good smelling product you offer. I ordered some around July 13 and received it in no time. I have used it like it stated and guess what ? My daughter still has lice. We have been dealing with this for about 6 months now--starting out with all the products on the shelf with no end in sight. Then I stumbled across your website and said why not, I have tried everything else. I am impressed with your product because of the fact that there is no poison and that it smells so good. I am now using Lice R Gone® every other day because she is back in school again. Is it ever going to stop for her ? I feel sorry for her, even though she is a trooper when it comes to washing and combing it. I will re-order your product when I am through with this bottle and I am not complaining one bit. I just don't know what to do.

Sincerely, A Concerned Mom in Texas


Dear Concerned Mom,

We've heard several stories just like yours. In a normal lice infestation, one time does it. However, we keep hearing more about mutated lice that are under the skin, in the ears, nose, eyelashes and eyebrows. Lice R Gone® must come into contact with the lice and if they are somewhere besides the head it becomes a battle.

Nontoxic Lice R Gone® with so many shampoos in a bottle has been a true miracle for thousands of families who are facing mutant lice.

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